gabindaprasadGobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya was established in 1985 to pay homage to the sacred memory of Late Gobinda Prasad Singha, an eminent freedom fighter and social worker of Bankura District, with a noble purpose of extending higher education among the poor and backward people of the locality.The college was granted temporary affiliation by the University of Burdwan on 20.09.1985 which approved its permanent affiliation on 30.08.1988.

The college was included under section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956 on 22.08.1989 and was duly registered under section 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 on 22.08.1989.

The college is situated in the area of Gangajalghati Panchayet Samiti of the Reserved Constituency (SC) of Bishnupur Loksabha and Barjora Assembly of West Bengal. It is an output of long term inputs injected by the eminent social workers and educationists, MPs, MLAs and noble hearted people of the locality to cater the needs of higher education in a backward area of Bankura district. It was formally inaugurated by late Aswini Raj, an eminent freedom fighter, social worker and educationist of the time.

Initially the University of Burdwan approved its affilation for giving instruction in 6 pass courses (General Course) subjects viz. English, Bengali, History, Economics, Political Science and Philosophy. Afterwords the affiliation was gradually extended to the studies of History (hons.), English (hons.), Bengali (hons.), Mathematics (pass), Geography (gen.), Geography (hons.) and Sanskrit (gen.). Now the college has taken due intiative to enact Computer Science (General), Pol-Science (hons.) and Philosiphy (hons.)

The aim of the college is to ensure optimum utilisation of the inherent potentiality of the students, promoting innovation and change, and linking education to emerging career patterns. The college emphasizes more on viability and equalisation of educational opportunities for weaker section of the society, particularly the schedule caste (S.C.), schedule tribe (S.T.), women and those belonging to educationally backward section.
Most of the students taking higher education are terminated after graduation level, so the college formulates to prepare the students worthwhile to career opportunities by developing appropriate skills which are significant, not only to the students, but also to local, regional and national needs and to resources which would improve the employment opportunities for the student. The college allows sufficient freedom to choose the subjects best suited to their interest and capability. The college can provide wider opportunities for multiple choices if and whenever multiple courses of study are available.